Network Operations center

Industries like telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing and the energy sector operate around the clock and need reliable, constant connectivity.


The NOC oversees network systems to manage data storage, update software and ensure connectivity. Here are some of the tasks and operations a NOC will perform:

  • Updating, troubleshooting, and installing software on systems connected to the network
  • Managing IT infrastructure and equipment
  • Backing up data and ensuring its accessibility on the network
  • Monitoring firewall and network security software
  • Patch management
  • Network monitoring, including analyzing the health of the network, reporting on performance and network optimization
  • Disaster recovery


How does it work?

outsourced NOC

Outsourcing a NOC, where the work is managed by skilled professionals and a trusted vendor, can be more cost-effective and less work for these organizations. For these companies, a third-party NOC provides high-quality, standardized management of networks without the requirements of staffing, managing and funding an internal team. Because they act as an extension of a company’s existing workforce, NOCs also enable a company’s primary technical staff focus on core business functions.

It’s important that infrastructures are of the highest quality to provide excellent performance. NOC services provide an advantage, as they offer the latest innovations in hardware, software, and other tools to provide effective solutions.

NOC is specifically designed to monitor the health of an organization’s network. To do this, it generates reports to demonstrate to a company how their network is performing, the all-around health of the network, and possible optimizations for the network.

Remote staff have the ability to monitor incidents and be notified immediately when issues arise.

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