Colduty & AWS

Colduty is a comprehensive tax tool designed to simplify and expedite the work of accountants in Colombia. It provides cloud storage for online queries and future declarations, automates balance processing, allows for the creation of customized annexes, and quickly downloads fiscal reconciliation reports. The platform is updated according to Colombian laws and guides users through steps such as balance loading, purification, and declaration completion.

Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive report generation, and flexibility stand out. Colduty requires a paid plan for downloading XML and Excel formats but offers free annex downloads. Additionally, it is supported by AWS, the most experienced public cloud in the market. Integration with AWS enables elastic resource scaling to meet demand, operation across multiple global regions and availability zones, and a strong emphasis on security with end-to-end encryption through SSL. The deployment uses Blue/Green deployment to avoid user impacts during code releases, while AWS’s container technology and serverless systems help prevent DDOS attacks.

Cloudkeynet created the architecture based on the company’s need to support high integrationist workloads with third parties and manage container and serverless systems.

We secure all internal communications between applications, databases, and additional load balancing and create and implement CI/CD systems on AWS to make deployments faster and more cost-effective.

Since the application has connections with third-party applications outside of AWS, we secure all the traffic from a VPC to PayU. We continue monitoring the traffic checking for suspicious connections that may be made.


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